10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers – version 3

Hello folks, Here is the continuation to my earlier posts on 10 best icon packs for Apex, Nova, Go and other launchers. Hit the below links if you haven’t checked the earlier posts until now. Version 1 of  “10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers”  Version 2 of  “10 best icon packs for […]

When I stopped being a crack flasher

A lot of you crack flashers (like I used to be) may read this article in disgust or disagree with me on many different levels. My name is Dave and I’m a recovering crack flashing addict (this is where you say, HI DAVE!). Crack flashing ended for me about a year ago when Jelly Bean […]

10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers – version 2

Hope you all liked my original post on 10 best icons for apex/nova/go and other launchers here at Android Fan Network. Now I am trying to post more icon packs that you may like along with download links from Google Play Store. Some of the icon packs also include other customization like launcher theme, font […]

Designed by you. Assembled in the USA. Pic of a handsome fella building some Moto X’s

Maybe the most famous gentleman amongst us Android heads. Yup!  He’s doing just what you think he’s doing. He’s down in Texas building some bad ass phones for us Android geeks.  Now I’m not sure what’s doing all around him there, but it sure looks important. In my opinion, Google’s hitting this one out of […]

How to make phone calls from your tablet using your cell number

How can I make a phone call from my tablet using my cell number? So, you just got an Android tablet and want to show people you can make phone calls from it eh?  In the past, I’ve held my Nexus 7 up to my ear (even though you don’t have to have it to […]

Samsung Galaxy S4: Need to Know

What I have noticed from most Android phones is that they require an App in order to be able to take a screenshot of the screen on your phone.  That’s not the case with the Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s very simple as you can capture a screenshot easily without any Apps. That’s right… no apps […]

10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers

Android is most customization mobile operating system and without having your device rooted 3rd party launchers like Apex/Nova/Go launchers can be installed. Customization does not end there. You can install themes for these launchers and change look and feel of your OS.  Icons, App Drawer, Dock & Font are some of the elements that can […]