Wearing Google Glass in a Movie Theater is Simply a Bad Idea

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Well, as with all things Google Glass related, this is new. According to a movie patron in Columbus, wearing Google Glass while enjoying a film can lead to a not so pleasant time talking to the authorities. The patron claimed he was watching a movie with his wife, when about an hour into the movie he was approached by a man wielding a badge who grabbed his Google Glasses and demanded he come outside. This led to over three hours of interrogation and allegations that he was recording the movie. After proving that he did not record anything and that the glasses were also his prescription glasses, he was released.

Before anyone gets into an uproar, he did wear a known recording device into a movie theater. And each movie is preceded with warnings of how illegally recording a movie can lead to horrible things. Horrible things like Tom Cruise not being able to buy another mansion. I mean, if you worked for a few months each year while being pampered and flown first class to exotic locations, the least you deserve is being able to buy another home after your grueling three month filming schedule. What are we, animals?

Head to the link below to read the full account of what happened from the individual himself, and pray that Tom Cruise gets another mansion.

Disclaimer: Truth be told, I have no issues with Tom Cruise. Other than the fact he married Katie Holmes. I was saving myself for her.

Disclaimer #2: To my wife, I was kidding about Katie Holmes, I love only you.

Disclaimer #3: Katie, if you are reading this, call me.

Source: the gadgeteer

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