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Whiskey lovers listen up. Today I am going to go over an app made for you, an app called Distiller-Whiskey Companion by Distiller LLC.
This app is a whiskey bible in the palm of your hand. I work in a liquor store and an app like this comes in very handy when helping recommend things to customers.
Here is how it works:

On the main page in the top right corner is a menu button, clicking on that brings you to a sub section that has a “recommend” tab. It will guide you thru asking a few questions such as:
-What are you looking for?
-What’s your whiskey experience so far?
-What style of whiskey?

Based on your answers, it will suggest at least 10 recommended items to try.

You can also choose to learn about the different whiskies out there and their individual characteristics.

I love my whiskies, all kinds, and have found this app to be truly awesome. It has shown me whiskies I’ve never heard of, but get good reviews. You can also read reviews from other users on a specific whiskey or find a perfect whiskey for any occasion.

This app is definitely worth a try, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new favorite drink.

Sean Winder

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I work in a liquor store by day, but am a techno-phile at all times. Love Android and its diversity. Technology in general is of great importance but my passion is for my beautiful wife and our 2 kids.

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