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Google Now was such a great addition to the Android line up when it was first introduced, and has only gotten better with each update. Everyone knows what Siri is and can’t wait to hold that home button down to ask it a question. Not as many people completely understand what Google Now is and how powerful of a tool it can be throughout your day. In the screenshot above, I was looking for Google Customer Service to help with fixing a loose charging port on my Nexus 7. Google Now ultimately brought me to the Asus tech support, and got my Nexus 7 fixed.

Google Now truly is an amazing tool. Have lyrics to a song, but have no idea who sings it? Google Now it. Truck has a flat tire and not mechanically inclined? Google Now it. Need to send a text or make a phone call without touching your device? Google Now it. Too lazy to touch an app to open it? Google Now it. Need a recipe? You get the point. If your need more tips and tricks for Google Now, open Google Now and just say “help.”

Siri had celebrities using her (or it) on quite a few commercials when it was first introduced, and even now for that matter. Everyone with an iPhone couldn’t wait to take Siri for a spin and ask it dopey questions. Google Now has not, and probably will not, received the exposure Siri did, but it really should because it is one of the coolest and most helpful features Android has to offer in my opinion.

I have three other Android users in my household, two of which are on Jellybean and the other KitKat, so Google Now is there and ready for them to use. One of them use it, the other two do it the old-fashioned way by going to Google.com and typing their question (which by the way, Google Now does way more on an Android device than Google.com).

For those of you reading this, you know Google Now is much more powerful tool than Siri. I am sure most of you have used both and seen the results first hand. My question is, what does Google have to do to get Google Now in the lime light like Siri had and has? Should there be more on-screen instructions to new users? Commercials with cheesy celebrities? Or just keep it going the way we are and that’s pretty much word of mouth (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing)? Let us know in the comments what you think Google should do to make Google Now more well-known like its competitor Siri.

For those of you that use Google Now, what are your favorite featuers of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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