App review – Motion Detector Pro

Free motion detector app for the paranoid Ever wonder what’s doing when you’re not at home or work?  Motion Detector Pro is a free app in the Play Store that will keep you well informed of what’s going on while you’re gone. Motion Detector Pro does just what it’s supposed to do. It uses the […]

How lucky we are to have Google Play Music

Screen shot from my Google Play Music app This article is going to show my age here. I’m 36 years old, I could be 37, but who’s counting. I was born in 1975, you do the math.  I was just thinking about my Dad who passed away just 6 years ago and was wondering what […]

Amazon now sells smartphones, cameras and accessories in India

Earlier this month ( on June 5th), the world’s largest online retailer, entered into the fast-growing Indian e-commerce market as Amazon India   a market place that facilitates transaction between buyers and sellers.  In 2012 Amazon India launched, a online shopping service. However it was more a price – comparison portal as it […]

A quick Thank You!

This is just a quick Thank You from all of us to all of you that have been visiting Android Fan Network regularly and to all of you new visitors we get everyday. Android Fan Network is only a couple months old and the daily traffic, views, social media visits, YouTube subscribers and even the […]

A Nexus watch concept video

I was just just browsing the weekend Android fun stuff, and that’s all this video is – FUN. Those of you familiar with concept videos, you remember the iPhone 5 concept videos with a projector like keyboard, holographic 3D display and other whacky stuff. What did iPhone users really get? Another row of icons (trololol). […]

Follow Android Fan Network on your favorite social media sites

Follow Android Fan Network on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube Welcome to Android Fan Network folks!  We’re a fairly new Android news site but we’re here to stay and we’re here to make BIG waves.  We’ve recently fired up on our favorite social media sites and welcome all of you to follow us to get […]

David Quillinan’s Wife’s review of Facebook Home thingy…after a couple of cocktails……TOO

  Okay – so let’s put this in perspective – this is my first time writing about anything even remotely technological….I am Chef Dave’s Wife — I am a mother of four working full time and then some…….and every night my brilliant husband talks about his passion for all things Android (notice I didn’t say […]

Play Ball with AFN!

It’s that ime of year again folks. The snow is melting, the grass is getting greener, flowers are starting to bud and Mariano Rivera is getting ready to climb the mound and smoke 90-95 mph cutters that break bats and scare the hell out of batters. What do I do with my phones and tablets […]