Call Recorder App that works with the Nexus 5 I’m not sure how ethical this is or not, but I’ll post it here anyway. Ever been in a situation where ya need a phone call recorded for god knows what reason and didn’t think ahead to figure a method out to do this particular task?  I’m not entirely sure why you’d want or […]

Get 50G of free storage from the BOX app on your Nexus 5

As we all know Nexus devices don’t have expandable storage via SD card slot for the time being (fingers crossed for future Nexus devices). Which makes cloud services an absolute blessing for us proud Nexus 5 owners (especially us 16G owners). The BOX cloud storage app normally offers 10 gigs of storage for new users […]

Check out “Android Fan Network” Come visit us on our official Android Fan Network app for Android. Our very own Frank just created a fun way to keep up with our news, YouTube videos, CellTraderOnline forums, our Twitter feed, Facebook and much more. Frank has just scratched the surface with this app folks!  There’s much more to come so […]

Ingress app no longer requires invites and now open to the public

Fill your gas tank in your car, put some running sneakers on, find a local Google+ Ingress community (in your faction of course…  Unless you’re a spy), hit the pavement and try to take over the world with Ingress. For almost a year now the Ingress app has been a beta invite only game (it […]

Pandora now has Chromecast support

Pandora just updated their app to look pretty on Android tablets just a few days ago. This morning upon opening the Pandora app for my daily Rolling Stones fix I noticed a Chromecast sharing option. This is fantastic news for maniacs with banging surround sound systems connected to their Chromecasts (me). For those of you […]

A fun video app for Halloween – FXGuru

Video editors are always fun to play with this time of year. Having a dancing skeleton perfectly placed in your videos makes you look like a video editing genious. FXGuru can make you look like a Steven Spielberg of fun Halloween videos. BTW…  FXGuru has over a million downloads so I’m hardly sharing anything new, […]

Free App Notifier for Amazon – A daily reminder for that free Amazon app of the day

You don’t have to be a Kindle Fire owner to get the Amazon Free App of the day. If you follow the Amazon free apps of the day like I do then you know that Amazon throws a lot of apps on the free list that should be free (no disrespect to the devs), but […]

Hulu Plus app updated to work on the Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast now supports Hulu Plus. Hulu’s mobile app will be updated today in the Play Store with a “cast” button, which let’s you watch all of your favorite shows on any TV that Chromecast dongle is hooked up to. This is wonderful news seeing another Android app being supported on one of my favorite […]

BBM still coming to Android

It’s been a little over a week since Blackberry put the breaks on BBM. Fear not BBM fans Blackberry says they’re still 100% committed to bringing BBM to Android and iPhone. With all of the messaging apps available for Android and iOS I’m not sure how this whole BBM thing is going to fly. Whether […]