Free App Notifier for Amazon – A daily reminder for that free Amazon app of the day


You don’t have to be a Kindle Fire owner to get the Amazon Free App of the day.

If you follow the Amazon free apps of the day like I do then you know that Amazon throws a lot of apps on the free list that should be free (no disrespect to the devs), but every once in a while Amazon puts a gem out there that sure is nice to get. I generally grab the free app of the day whether it’s a doozy or a gem and just keep them in the cloud for a rainy day.

When Amazon does put that gem out there you don’t want to miss it because it’s free!  And who doesn’t like free? 

Developer Skylark95 has created an app that notifies you daily for Amazon’s Free app of the day. He’s made the app pretty fool proof for people that may be to busy to check the free app of the day or just fools like myself.

The app pretty much does all the work for you, but I’ll give you a quick run down on how it works and how to get it up and running. It’s pretty simple. Ready?

Install Free App Notifier for Amazon, after it’s installed hit test notification which will bring you to the Amazon App Store apk (remember to check unknown sources), log in to Amazon through the Amazon App Store and profit. You will now get notified on a daily basis for the free app of the day for Amazon. There’s a bunch of settings for your daily notifications if you want to do a little tinkering. You can tell the app what time of day to notify you, notification sounds, notification icons and so on.

It’s a nifty little app that is nice to have if you like Free. So head on over to Google Play and show Skylark95 some love, give him a 5 star rating for creating such a wonderful app and enjoy your free apps.

Google Play linke for Free App Notifier for Amazon

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