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Come visit us on our official Android Fan Network app for Android. Our very own Frank just created a fun way to keep up with our news, YouTube videos, CellTraderOnline forums, our Twitter feed, Facebook and much more. Frank has just scratched the surface with this app folks!  There’s much more to come so stay tuned.

Hop on over to Google Play and install the app for the greatest Android blog in the world! 

Google Play link for the Android Fan Network app.

David Quillinan

About David Quillinan

Hello all! My name is David Quillinan and your typical android geek. I own a restaurant (, have a wife and four kids and a mortgage that would make your jaw hit the floor. My goal as one of the AFN writers is to bring you the latest greatest Android news, rants and reviews. If you have any suggestions or would like to be part of Team AFN then please contact one of us here at Android Fan Network.

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