Motorola Announces Moto E Along with $129 Price Tag

Continuing their focus on bringing affordable smartphones to the world, Motorola has announced the Moto E. The Moto E will be available in over 40 countries in the coming weeks and is priced at $129, less than half of the $337 that the average smartphone costs in 2013. In the announcement, Motorola points out that […]

30% Off Accessories on

Are you cheap? Do you own a Motorola device? Do not worry, I am too. But the good news is that Motorola is discounting most of their accessories by 30% and giving away free shipping now through March 31st. So hurry over, and pick up that case or dock you have been eyeing. Source:   […]

Android Wear – Moto 360 and LG G Watch to be First to the Wrist

Following Google’s announcement of Android Wear, the notification rich OS for wearables, Motorola and LG announced their launch devices. Both are keeping quiet on early specifications so there is not much more information available other than renders of the devices and promises of summer release. Hinted at during the MWC Q&A, the Moto 360 stands […]

AT&T Moto X Android 4.4.2 Soak Test Underway

Better late than never, the AT&T Moto X Android 4.4.2 soak test is finally underway. Soak tests are a final check of the update itself and over-the-air update process by Motorola. Barring any issues, this soak test should follow the pattern of previous ones resulting in the final Android 4.4.2 update pushing out for all AT&T […]

Motorola Adds College Collection to Moto Maker

Motorola has announced their new “College Collection,” giving you a bigger color selection to better match your school colors. They added nine new back colors and three more accent colors to Moto Maker based on popular colors that colleges use. They also have partnered with Uncommon to provide clear cases with college logos on them […]

Motorola Announces More Enhancements to the Moto X

Imagine a world in which a phone manufacturer wanted to push out an update to their flagship phone, and it actually happened without being held up by a carrier. Crazy, right? Well, if you own a Moto X, you know that Motorola has managed to do this by updating the apps through the Play Store. […]

MWC 2014 – Motorola Q&A: Lenovo, the Next Moto X, Watches and More

At MWC 2014, Motorola Mobility leadership took to the stage to answer questions about the company’s future with Lenovo, the influence of Google ownership, and what is in store for both the company and their customers in the future. Participating in the panel were Steve Horowitz, SVP Software; Mark Randall, SVP Supply Chain; Rick Osterloh, […]

T-Mobile and Developer Edition Moto X Soak Test Invitations Going Out

Good news for Moto X owners with the T-Mobile SIM unlocked XT1053 handsets. It looks like the Android 4.4.2 is just around the corner for us. Motorola support forum members who signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network started receiving their invitations today. Canadian Moto X owners have their Android 4.4.2 update rolling out already and, […]