Kernel Source Released for Moto G Google Play Edition

Despite the internet losing sleep over recent acquisition news, Motorola is still chugging along. They announced today that they have released the kernel source code for the Moto G Google Play Edition. This is great news for anyone looking at picking this phone up, as these files allow developers to do all kinds of fun things […]

The Moto G Finally Comes to India

After a long wait, the Moto G has finally come to India. The phone was initially expected to be launched in India at the first half of January 2014. For some reason Motorola took their sweet time to launch the device. Moto G is now available in India, exclusively on FlipKart. Order it today to […]

Motorola Moto G Review

Up until a short while ago, the only sub-$200, contract-free smartphones, available all ran ancient or unknown operating systems and contained extremely outdated internals. Motorola decided to change that late last year with the budget oriented Moto G smartphone. Instead of including hardware and software more at home in a flagship from several years ago, […]

Motorola Moto G Coming to India by End of January

Good news for folks in India waiting for the Motorola Moto G. The company is launching their new budget Android smartphone in India in the last week of this month (January 2014). Though the exact price was not yet revealed, William Moss, Director of Corporate Communication at Motorola Mobility, said in an interview with Times […]

Using T-Mobile? Pass on the Moto G Google Play Edition

If you’re a T-Mobile customer that was getting excited about the just announced Moto G Google Play edition, well, I have some bad news. Some bonehead in charge of the Google Play devices decided it would be novel to use the Global GSM Moto G hardware as a starting point instead of the AWS friendly U.S. GSM […]

Moto G Android 4.4.2 Kernel Source Available

Following up to the Moto G’s December Android 4.4.2 update, the corresponding kernel source code has been released by Motorola and is now available at their Sourceforge project for the device. Kernel source is not full firmware that users can flash on a device but rather, when combined with AOSP source and proprietary bits,  fills in the […]