10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers – version 2

Hope you all liked my original post on 10 best icons for apex/nova/go and other launchers here at Android Fan Network. Now I am trying to post more icon packs that you may like along with download links from Google Play Store. Some of the icon packs also include other customization like launcher theme, font and wallpaper.

Majority of these icon packs/themes usually work with all the launchers listed below.

• Nova Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Action Launcher
• ADW Launcher/EX
• GO Launcher EX
• Next Launcher 3D
• Holo Launcher
• Desktop Visualizer

Looking for best free icon packs? Hit this article on Android Fan Network for beautiful yet FREE icon packs.

1) Click UI (Go Apex Nova theme) – Play Store link – $1.49

Update: Click UI is not available at the moment. Check other themes by the same developer here.

ClickUI is my current daily driver.  It’s a theme for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers, It consists of 530 rounded HD icons & 5 wallpapers.

2) VIPER – Go Apex Nova theme – Play Store Link – $1.49

Viper is one of good icon packs available on Play Store. It included  700+ HD Icons and 7 HD wallpapers.

3) Flow Icons – Play Store Link – $0.99

Flow Icon pack includes 300+ HD icons, 5 wallpapers and 4 icon backs and supports all major launchers.

4) UFO Icon Pack – Play Store Link – $1.30

UFO Icon pack includes >200 HD icons and compatible with all major launchers. These icons look great on tablets as icon size is 300*300 px ( not 144*144 like other icon packs )

5) Mango Icon pack – Play Store Link -$0.99

Mango is another icon pack featuring >300 rounded icons with Full HD (xxhdpi ) support. It also includes Icon mask which means even the non-themed icons will retain the style. ( I refer to this term several times while describing these icon packs )

6) Shaded Icons – Play Store Link -$1.44

Shaded Icon pack features around 700 icons, compatible will all major launchers and includes xxhdpi and icon mask support. As shown in the preview picture, you can see the shadowed icons.

7) Motif Apex/Nova/Go theme – Play Store Link -$1.49

Motif theme for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers is designed for XHDPI devices. The theme also includes various wallpapers that can be set as your home screen wallpaper. Icon masking is also supported.

8) Cardstock -nova apex adw theme – Play Store Link -$1.79

Cardstock theme features about 400 minimal yet elegant looking icons along with themed app drawer and 13 wallpapers to choose from.

9) Plex for Android icon pack – Play Store Link – FREE

Plex for Android is a FREE icon pack that features simple, flat, colorful, and very clean icons that follows the design style established by  Google Kennedy icons. Developer says it is specifically designed for Apex launcher, however it seems to be working with other launchers and Desktop visualizer too. It supports both hdpi and xhdpi resolutions and features icon masking too.

10) Square MinimaCons – Play Store Link – FREE

As the name suggests, Square MinamaCons is a icon pack featuring squarish minimal icons. It brings a clean, minimal and unified  ( again Icon masking ) look to your device and supports all major launchers.

These are some icon packs that I tried and liked most. You may find some other themes/icon packs even better suiting your preference. Please post them in the comments and I will cover them next update.

Links to all featured posts on icon packs for Apex, Nova, Go and other launchers.

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