10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers

Android is most customization mobile operating system and without having your device rooted 3rd party launchers like Apex/Nova/Go launchers can be installed.

Customization does not end there. You can install themes for these launchers and change look and feel of your OS.  Icons, App Drawer, Dock & Font are some of the elements that can be themed by installing launcher themes.

Hundreds of themes are available in Google Play Store that can be downloaded and applied to launcher of your choice through theme settings and majority of them are free of cost too. Many of the free icon packs have donate versions too. Consider buying the donate versions to support development.

Here I am posting 10 best icon packs of my choice. Some of them are Paid but are worth every single ¢ you spent on them. You can find Play store links for download and pointers to developer websites too. You can find other icon packs from a developer from ‘More from developer’ tab on play store link page. I like all of these icons and they are just posted in random order. The list goes endless and you may find some other pack even better.

Looking for best free icon packs? Hit this article on Android Fan Network for beautiful yet FREE icon packs.

1) DCikonZ ADW Apex Nova Go Theme – Play Store link – Free

DCikonz theme is a elegant and toned theme & icons pack for ADW, Nova, Apex, Holo, Atom and Go launcher. It’s one of the best icon pack packing >2500 icons and totally free.

Developer’s Website : Daniel Czarnomorski


2) Stark (adw apex nova theme) by kovdev – Play Store link –$1.79

This is an icon pack (for Apex, Nova, ADW, Holo & more!) and will add high definition icons for many popular launcher replacements! These icons are perfect for minimal setups. This set is rendered at full HD (144×144) for increased clarity. ( description from developer )


Developer’s website : Kovdev

Other icons pack from same developer like Lustre, Noen, Minecraft can be found on both play store and developer’s website.


3) Goolors icons GO/Apex/Nova/ADW by DroidScreens – Play Store link – $1.23 

The name Goolors means Google + Colors. I am currently using this icon pack on my HTC One and it’s my favorite icon pack.

 Goolo is rounded icon set of Goolors and look even better

Goolo icons GO/Apex/Nova/ADW- Play Store link

Developer’s website : DroidScreens


4)  MIUI X5 HD Apex/Nova/ADW Theme – Play Store link – $0.99 

If you like MIUI icons the this will be best way to get same look on your device.  MIUI v4 and MIUI v2 icon themes are also available free of cost from the same developer.

Developer’s Website : TwiPi Production


5) MiroEx Project MIUI v5 for Apex/Nova/Go/ADW launchers –  Play Store link – Free

MiroEx Project is another icon pack that gives MIUI v5 look to your icons. Flat MIUI icons pack is also available from same developer Play Store link  – $1.01

Developer’s thread at XDA : XDA


6) MeeUi – Icon Pack – Play Store link – Free

This icon pack brings the look of Meego OS to your Android device.


7)  Holo Icons (Nova/Apex/Go/ADW) – Play Store link

Holo Icons follow guidelines that give you a better Android experience with a design that is seen throughout the rest of the ‘Holo’ UI.

Developer’s Website : Unseen Vision


8)  Holler! blk Icon Pack – Play Store link – Free

These icons give a minimal look to your OS. You can find other icon packs from this developer like Holler! wht Icon Pack , DDDOPE! IKONS icon pack , Diamante Icons ( and more ) on Google Play Store

Developer’s Website :  YackovskyMusic


9) Phoney White Apex Nova ADWHolo – Play Store link – Free

These are rounded white colored icons on black background and gives a uniform feel to your OS. You can find other icon packs from this developer like Phoney Dark, Fancy Icon Pack, POP! Icon Pack and more on Google Play Store

Developer’s Website : Samantha Conner


10 ) flatro – Icon Pack  – Play Store link – $1.59 

Flatro is a icon set for launchers, a blend of Retro, Minimal and Flat, they all come together to create a fresh and unique icon set.

Developer’s Website : Ryan M Kelly

Links to all featured posts on icon packs for Apex, Nova, Go and other launchers.

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