Designed by you. Assembled in the USA. Pic of a handsome fella building some Moto X’s


Maybe the most famous gentleman amongst us Android heads.

Yup!  He’s doing just what you think he’s doing. He’s down in Texas building some bad ass phones for us Android geeks.  Now I’m not sure what’s doing all around him there, but it sure looks important.

In my opinion, Google’s hitting this one out of the park in just about every aspect. Motorola is known for building some of the best hardware (that is until the HTC One) – Made In The USA, getting all us U.S. patriots fired up – Putting up some major dough in U.S. and European advertising ($500 million to be exact) and now tweeting this handsome fella building Moto X’s (the most famous guy in Android Geek land).

This is getting exciting, especially anyone with an upgrade coming in the next few months. We have HTC making some noise, Samsung doing their thing, LG and Sony also banging  out some serious phones, now Motorola swinging for the fences with the Moto X and Droid Family, Apple being Apple and Blackberry…..  Well, I’ll just Leave this here. Lol


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