The Day Everyone Lost Their Minds: A Googlerola Tale

Wow. Just wow. It’s insane to think how in just a few short hours, the entire Android community collectively crapped its pants. Over what? No more Nexus devices? Motorola is being sold to Lenovo? A unicorn just stabbed a hole in Eric Schmidt’s tire? Do you guys remember when the first Google Play Edition devices […]

The “iOS is Faster and Smoother Than Android” Debate is Over!

Okay, before I start this article, it’s obvious that I am an Android loyalist. Android has been and continues to be my favorite OS. With that being said, I’m going in to this with a completely open mind to be as fair and honest as I possibly can. With that out of the way, let’s […]

What is the Future of Android?

Android will not survive without pushing the boundaries of technology further than we know right now. Its stock experience can have its fair share of bugs and flaws, which should not be, especially for a final launch product. Android’s unpolished nature needs to improve greatly if it intends to continue competing in an already crowded […]

Tablets (Toddler Frisbees) for Kids

Do you have a child between ages 3-6? Do they love to get their grummy little hands all over your nice and shiny tablet? Well good for you there are a few cheaper/purpose made options for your little one. Firstly is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3-Kids Edition   This is quite the nifty little tablet […]

Using T-Mobile? Pass on the Moto G Google Play Edition

If you’re a T-Mobile customer that was getting excited about the just announced Moto G Google Play edition, well, I have some bad news. Some bonehead in charge of the Google Play devices decided it would be novel to use the Global GSM Moto G hardware as a starting point instead of the AWS friendly U.S. GSM […]

PSA: Black Friday Tablet Deals to Avoid

  Thinking of jumping on a Black Friday tablet deal from Best Buy, Walmart, or Sears?  Don’t be fooled by their cheap prices, there’s a reason they are that cheap.  Some of the tablets have cheap parts to start with. If you then combine that with less than 1GB of RAM, a screen resolution of […]

CyanogenMod Installer How-To and Review

If you just read our article on the Installer release, I’m sure you’re all wondering how the CyanogenMod Installer works now that they’ve released a beta app/beta Windows installer. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s a simple process with a few perks and one major caveat in my opinion. Instructions 1. Start by […]

Samsung to Release 64-bit Chip at MWC 2014

Three days ago Samsung announced that they will be developing their own 64-bit chip for use in their mobile devices in the future. Now Taipei-based Digitimes is citing sources that Samsung will launch 64-bit processors in 2014. They are also claiming that the phones will have WQHD (2560×1440 resolution) and 16 megapixel cameras. Samsung Display […]

The Natural Series Coast Case by ifrogz

Overview: A Molded two layer design that is inseperable to provide great protection and a simple snap-on/off installation. A tough premium elegantly wood  inlay outer shell molded or “paired” to a rubber inner-layer for a durable one piece case that is the best of both worlds. Top and bottom have the traditional cutouts for Microphone, IR Blaster, […]