10 Things to do with Your Android Phone

Other Than Smashing It to Bits Like an Idiot   I’m pretty livid about the announcement from OnePlus about smashing up your phone in order to win a contest for another phone. Their list of phones are all flagships from the last 18 months or so. First of all, nearly every phone on that list […]

Samsung Gives Us an Up Close Look at the Galaxy S5

http://youtu.be/E6MhcTStADU Samsung can go a little over the top, borderline corny, with some of their video spots and commercials. This video of the Galaxy S5 is none of that and the kind of advertising I personally enjoy seeing (enough sneaking celebrity selfies as advertising). As you can see Samsung gives us an up and close look at […]

Today Is the Big Day for the AT&T Galaxy S4 – 4.4.2 KitKat!!!

AT&T said the KitKat 4.4.2 OTA update will be available February 26th, and, low and behold, that’s today folks. The update will be in your notification tray over the next few days, and when you see that “system update” in there, you’ll be heading in to the sweetness of KitKat goodness. If you’re an impatient […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini Black Edition in Russia

Are you waiting for the announcement of Galaxy S5 from Samsung? Well, though Samsung has not spilled the beans about Galaxy S5, it has unveiled a new variant of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini in Russia named Black Edition. Both these devices feature a black colored leather texture back, as design which seems to […]