A mumblers opinion : Android -vs- iOS

                    A mumblers opinion   Now, a lot can be said about the Android platform as an operating system.  Android fan boys will say ” It’s the best thing around, miles better than iOS.” Of course, the natural retort from iOS fan boys would be to the contrasting end of the spectrum “Android is […]

App Review – Assist App on the Moto X

There are so many things I absolutely love about the Moto X (Full review coming up). The list of what I like about this device goes on and on, from the build quality, almost stock Android experience, the size of the device and so much more. What doesn’t get a lot of attention, and should, […]

iFrogz Cocoon Case

Product Specs: Rugged two-piece design Extra durable exterior with pliable inner core Allows access to all ports, inputs, and sensors Overview From a marketing standpoint, iFrogz, which is a Zagg Brand, puts forth a great deal of effort to display their products with the packaging, engraved logo and quality of product from their great line […]

AFN Week in Review – August 25, 2013

Hey there Android Fans! Chef Dave has been hiding in the woods and Munchy Cool is out on a dangerous recon mission but that hasn’t stopped us from bringing the latest intel that Android Fans want to read about. HTC is on a roll European HTX One X owners started seeing Android 4.2.2 JellyBean that includes […]

When I stopped being a crack flasher

A lot of you crack flashers (like I used to be) may read this article in disgust or disagree with me on many different levels. My name is Dave and I’m a recovering crack flashing addict (this is where you say, HI DAVE!). Crack flashing ended for me about a year ago when Jelly Bean […]

Does the Moto X spike your interest?

There’s tons of talks about the Motorola Moto X around blogs and forums. Will it have a locked boatloader?  Verizon won’t have Moto Maker until later this year. The specs aren’t mind blowing. The hands free actions are gimmicky. Its not made in America, but assembled in America (had to put that one in there).  […]

Hold that New Nexus 7 in landscape

Holding the New Nexus 7 in portrait and landscape Bezels in portrait can be a little thin at times So you got the New Nexus 7 or have one coming any day now?  Let me fill you in on my thoughts of the new shape factor with the 2013 Nexus 7. Google claims the 2013 […]

How lucky we are to have Google Play Music

Screen shot from my Google Play Music app This article is going to show my age here. I’m 36 years old, I could be 37, but who’s counting. I was born in 1975, you do the math.  I was just thinking about my Dad who passed away just 6 years ago and was wondering what […]