Still life for the old girl

Good news for the few of us that still use the original note (sgh-i717).
The guys over at XDA in the Liquidsmooth team have stated :

“A quote from LiquidSmooth g+

“We have basic kitkat set up, we are now working on getting to build for devices”

Unfortunatly I am out of town all weekend and waiting for my new harddrive…but kitkat is coming!! And anyone who runs my beanStalk, Scott is going to be working on merging that

What does kitkat bring you ask??
see here: ”

The above is a direct quote from patch_Adams in the development section for the Note.

This is why I love android so much,  my phone device is well past its expiration date, yet soon I will able to run the newest android 4.4 KitKat.


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