Download Android 4.4 official wallpapers from Nexus 5

Are you looking for wallpapers included along with Android 4.4 KitKat on Nexus 5?  Click this link that takes you to to download the zip file consisting of  8 wallpapers that are included on Nexus 5. These images look gorgeous on the FULL HD screen on my HTC One. Mirror : Google Drive Source […]

Nexus 4 prices slashed -8 GB for $199 and 16GB for $249 through Google Play Store

    Google has slashed the prices of both 8 and 16 GB variants in Play store by $100. You can now get 8 GB variant for $199 and 16GB variant for $249. Keep in mind Nexus 4 bought through Google Play Store is GSM unlocked and can be used on any compatible GSM network […]

Official Google Nexus 7 Sleeve Review & Giveaway

Even at the steep price of $29.99 plus tax and shipping, the official Google case for the Nexus 7 is still worth a look. The materials appear to be of relatively high quality, and the back pocket is large enough to hold a smartphone. Check out the video above for our full review and the […]

Official CyanogenMod 10.2 build for Nexus 7 2013

    Though multiple Unofficial builds based on CyanogenMod sources are already available for Nexus 7 2013 at XDA,  Official nightly builds ( CyanogenMod 10.2 based on Android 4.3 JellyBean ) from CyanogenMod started appearing. Want to try it on your Nexus 7 tabet ?? Just head to and navigate to Nexus 7 2013 device […]

Nick’s Review of the Google Nexus 7 (2013)

Introduction:  I’m not a tablet guy. All of the tablets I’ve owned in the past have ended up being sold within a month. I simply couldn’t find a use for them between my ultraportable notebook and Android smartphone. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not suckered into buying them every year. The 7″, 1920×1200 display on […]

[MOD] Xposed Framework for Android 4.3

With Xposed framework you can modify/customize your rooted Android device without having to modify any of the APKs ( no need to de-compile, do changes and recompile ) or flashing any files through recovery.  You might be already using this MOD, if you are one of those guys who love to customize their device regularly. Now […]

Android version 4.3 factory images available now!

Google just announced Android version 4.3 would be available for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (WiFi and 3g), Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus (yakju and takju variants). For those of you inpatient Android maniacs that want the update now, Google just published the factory image for Android version 4.3 (build JWR66V) for the above devices.  […]