Another Nexus 5 rears it’s beautiful head for us


Here go again folks. This is where it gets fun finding leaked images, log files and detailed specs (oh my!). This is where us Android geeks are on the edge of our seats drooling over the next Nexus device. Before we get too excited by the image above, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a prototype due to the gap between the back plate and sides. I also can’t make out by the picture the exact color of the back. The way it’s lit it looks an almost grayish – black with that beautiful 8 megapixel Camera (hopefully OIS). 

That’s what we got for now ladies and gents!  This pic was posted by a user over at macrumors (ironically enough) and we’re seeing just what you are. So get back to the edges of your seat and get ready for the Real Deal Holyfield pretty darn soon.

BTW. What color are you guys seeing for the back plate?

Source: macrumors

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