Clark Scheff to Join Cyanogen, Inc.

Clark Scheff, developer for ChameleonOS, announced on Google+ that he will also be joining Cyanogen, Inc, along with AOKP founder, Roman Birg. One of his major achievements is an open source version of Active Display for ChameleonOS. This guy has been involved in the Android hacking, porting, and app scene for a long time and will […]


The DARK Side of CyanogenMod aka Cyanogen Inc

A few days ago CyanogenMod announced Cyanogen Inc, a new commercial company which already had an investment of $7 million. A few days later Focal was removed from CyanogenMod due to differences with Focal’s developer Guillaume Lesniak aka xplodwild. The initial removal commit message said that there were a lot of issues with Focal and […]