Pebble Locker Updated for Android Wear

Pebble Locker

Pebble Locker is a simple app, you use it to bypass your lock screen when connected to a trusted bluetooth device or Wi-Fi network. And it has now been updated to include Android Wear devices as “trusted devices.”

It should go without saying, but you should be using some form of lock screen security on your phone. And it can go without saying that constantly entering your password can get old. Pebble Locker steps in to help with this. You simply list a device or Wi-Fi network as trusted, and when you are connected you do not have to enter your lock screen password. It is simple and easy to set up, and honestly priceless. It can even lock your device the second that your trusted device or network disconnects in case someone grabs your phone. And it does all of this without root.

I have used this app with my Pebble and am now using it with my LG G Watch. It should be the first app you purchase when you grab a Pebble or Android Wear device. Heck, you do not even need a smartwatch, you benefit simply by entering your home and work Wi-Fi as trusted.

This app is available for free to try out with an in app purchase price of $2.99 to unlock full functionality. Head here to grab it and start bypassing your lock screen.

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