HTC One (M8) Unlock Bootloader and S-OFF with Firewater!

Firewater S-OFF now officially supports the new HTC One (M8) among other HTC devices!


You may ask why an unlocked bootloader or S-OFF is even needed for your device. For the 99% of us that don’t flash or root, we don’t need this. For the rest of us that love to tinker, S-OFF gives you access to all partitions on your phone and the means to recover a $600 glass and aluminum brick if loading up a custom ROM goes horribly wrong (it happens to all of us).

The steps are easy enough to follow. Install WeakSauce from XDA and SuperSU from Google Play for temp root followed up with Firewater for S-OFF and unlocking the bootloader.

Full instructions and downloads are at the source link below. These guys do great things for the community, please consider donating as well. So are you a 99% or a 1% kind of Android user? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Firewater

Image Credits: @firewaterdevs

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