Unlock Your Verizon HTC One Android 4.3 Bootloader with Firewater S-OFF!


Firewater S-OFF for HTC devices has been released to the wild by XDA Recognized Developers beaups and Fuses.

What this means is Verizon HTC One owners running Android 4.3 can S-OFF and unlock their bootloader to flash any partition. This bypasses Verizon’s stupid policy of blocking the HTCDev.com website tool which owners of other carrier models use to unlock the bootloader. Yes, now you can have custom ROM’s too!

These guys are awesome for bringing this. If firewater is something that helps you get S-OFF on your HTC, please consider donating on their page. Files and instructions are at the Firewater S-OFF website.

Source: @firewaterdevs

Kevin Krueger

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Self-proclaimed "know-it-none," I prefer HTC hardware with AOSP ROM's. When not writing about technology or shooting YouTube videos, I like to tinker with motorcycles and R/C cars.

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