WeakSauce Root for Verizon HTC One (m8) and HTC One (m7)


Jcase and beaups have done it again! The fruit of last night’s labor is WeakSauce, a root method for Verizon’s HTC One (m8) and HTC One (m7). The exploit gets write access to system/xbin and installs a su binary which then allows you to install Superuser or SuperSU for root access. For the HTC One (m8), you will need to keep WeakSauce installed to retain root between reboots. You can take this a step further with the HTC One (m7) and use Firewater after WeakSauce to unlock the bootloader and S-OFF for full access to your phone and permanent root.

Fast work and great job guys! Hit the source link for instructions and don’t forget to donate and show your support.

Source: Jcase on XDA

Image Credits: Matt Groff

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