Motorola Now Offering $0 Down 0% Finance Plans for Phone Purchases

Motorola $0 Down, 0%

Motorola $0 Down, 0%

Looking to pick up a custom Moto X but do not have the money or are not upgrade eligible? Good news, Motorola will now finance you for $0 down and 0% for 18 months if your credit is up to their standards and you spend at least $549. Want a Moto G instead? They will do the same deal for 6 or 12 months if you spend less than $549.

This is an interesting concept in the age of subsidized phones.  First carriers start offering payment plans and now a manufacturer. This is a great way for customers to cut ties to a carrier and own their phone outright. Does financing the phone through a manufacturer interest you? Chime in below and let us know.


Source: Motorola 

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