RegionLock Away:Remove Galaxy Note 3 Region Lock


A few days ago we reported that the region lock on European Note 3 is infact real, but it didn’t take @Chainfirexda long to break the lock. He has released an app RegionLock Away on the Play Store which removes the region lock on Galaxy Note 3. You can also download the apk from here for free, if you download the free version feel free to buy Chainfirexda a beer. Click here to donate to him.

Of course you need to be rooted to run the app. In case you haven’t rooted your Note 3 here is how to do it. The app has only been tested on the European Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (MI7 firmware). Beware of applying any updates as Samsung may lock your Note 3 again.

Kudos to Chainfirexda for the app and, Chainfirexda 1 – Samsung 0 🙂


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