Verizon HTC One Delayed Yet Again, August 29 is the New Date

Verizon’s HTC One is delayed yet again, from August 1st to August 15th and now a new leaked roadmap suggests it’s going to be August 29th. The Verizon HTC One is all set to replace the Droid DNA. But with the Moto X coming to Verizon on August 23rd which would you buy, the HTC One or the Moto X?

Below are other dates which have leaked from the roadmap:-

  • August 20th – Motorola DROID Ultra & Motorola DROID Maxx
  • August 23rd – Moto X
  • August 29th – LG Exait, LG Enact, Motorola DROID Mini and last but not the least HTC One



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  • Dave12118

    Why am I not surprised? This phone is such old news now with bigger and better phones coming out soon (LG G2). Wtf is wrong with you Verizon? They must not have all the BLOATWARE set up on the HTC One yet. I was going to get this phone, but really? Almost another month before we get it? The Moto X better be here the 23rd dam it.

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      yes.. with new phones around the corner.. why would anyone still go for HTC One except if they only want HTC One.

      • Dave12118

        Yeah man! The HTC One is old news.

        • Praneeth Kancherla