New Nexus 7 16gb Now Available for ordering on Amazon; Walmart Stores As Well 2

718X5SziRCL._SL1500_We will keep this short and simple, the New Nexus 7 16gb is now available for ordering from, and in stock. Grab one before they are out of stock.

If you can’t wait for it to ship check out your local BestBuy and Walmart as they have also started selling it.

  • Dave12118

    Walmart has them. Going to get one now.

  • Dave12118

    For those of you reading this, get out now if you want a 2013 Nexus 7. There was a guy ahead of me trying to buy ever one in stock to sell on Fleabay. I give all the stores a few hours before they are sold out. I hope I’m wrong.

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