Apex Launcher KitKat apk (early beta). Apex launcher bringing some KitKat style

Maybe the biggest draw to Android is the ability to customize the heck out of your device and make it your own. Custom launchers being the first step for many that want to make their device unlike any other. Apex Launcher, one of the most popular third party launchers, has an early beta build of […]

Root for AT&T and Rogers Motorola Moto X

  Good news for users rocking the newly launched Motorola Moto X and looking for a way to root it.  Pre-rooted Stock kernels for Moto X on AT&T and Rogers are now available for flashing. You need to get your bootloader unlocked to flash this kernel. Bootloader of Rogers Moto X can be unlocked through […]

Get Moto X Active Display on Your Android 4.3 Device

So you are jealous that the Moto X has Active Display, well you can have that feature without buying the Moto X. All you need is an Android device running Android 4.3. Thanks to xda member niko001 you just need to download the free app from the Play Store and you are on your way. […]

First Android version 4.2.2 flashable ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is live

XDA contributor, Civato, has uploaded his version of Android version 4.2.2 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (GT-N5110).  Here are some notes and descriptions from the developer, Civato, himself. Note: This rom is based on the Samsung 4.2.2 for the GT-N5110: JDQ39.N5110XXCMG2. Take it as it is and don’t complain as this is free. No […]

First flashable 4.2.2 ROM for the Samsung Glaxy Note 8.0 should be published today on XDA

Get your current ROM backed up and get ready for some 4.2.2 Goodness on your Galaxy Note 8.0. I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. I’ve owned the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 since April (I think the release date) and rooted it the second I got home with the Framaroot one click root app, […]

HTC Droid DNA gets HTC One ROM port with Sense 5 and Android version 4.2.2

XDA’s Recognized developer JoelZ9614 is at it again!  Keeping an older device (in Android Years) up to date. If you ask me, which I know you are because I know everything, just ask my wife. The HTC Droid DNA will get the Sense 5 and Android version 4.2.2 update.  When will that be?  Who the […]

Change your HTC One into a Developer Edition

When HTC launched the HTC One flagship on AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States they also offered up a Developer Edition. Since GSM HTC One hardware is mostly the same, converting your phone from one rom to another can work if done correctly. The advantage to converting your HTC One over to a Developer Edition is […]