XDA Dev working on Nexus 5 Camera Improvements

Nexus 5 Camera

Is the Nexus 5 camera a little lacking in your opinion?  Does it seem just a bit flat and dull?  Well, it is a Nexus, so there is a Zip for that.  Developer Jishnu Sir has created a flashable zip file to improve some key areas of the Nexus 5 camera. Here is a list from his post for version 1:

1) Bitrate are as follows:

  • Stock 720P@12 Mb/s.
  • Stock 1080P@17 Mb/s.
  • Modded 720P@20 Mb/s.
  • Modded 1080P@26 Mb/s.

2) Audio Bitrate quality :

  • Stock = 96000 Kb/s
  • Modded = 192000 Kb/s

3) Image Encode Quality :

  • Stock = 90.
  • Modded = 99.

4) JPEG Encode Quality :

  • Stock = 80.
  • Modded = 99.

5) Modified hammerhead.camera.so for better sharpness of the pictures. Increased the Sharpeness to 90 from 75.

He is currently up to version 1.2, with or without noise cancellation, so make sure you read his change log. As always, read before doing anything, and have a backup handy just in case. Is this something you would try out? Already tried it? Let us know below in the comments or on our Google+ page. Happy flashing!

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