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Weekly News Recap

Busy week? Don’t worry, same here. To save us all some time, here are the big stories from the past week. Read quickly, then enjoy the rest of the day with your family, or just watch some TV, your choice.

Unlocked and Developer Edition HTC One M8 Receives Update

Finally! If you purchased an unlocked or developer edition HTC One M8, you have an update waiting for you. This update brings Extreme Super Duper Ultra Power Saving Awesome Mode (seriously HTC, could the name be any longer?) and some camera and gallery fixes. Software version 1.54.1540.9 is available now and is right under 118MB. Download now via settings>about>software updates.

Today is Star Wars Day!

If you are a Star Wars fan, chances are you are spending today celebrating the awesomeness that is the Star Wars universe. Google wants you to know that they love Star Wars also, or that they want you to at least spend some money in the Play Store. Right now they have quite a few Star Wars based games and books on sale to celebrate “May the Fourth Be With You.” Head to the Play Store and show Google how much you love Star Wars with your wallet.

Google Now Improves

Google Now added two new features, one vital to functionality and one for those of you that misplace your car. Google Now will now store your cards for those times when you lose connectivity, a welcome and sometimes necessary function. The other addition is for all of those times that you misplace 3 tones of steel. Google Now will now show you where you parked your car. A neat little feature for those of us in a new area or those of us that forget where our driveway is.

Sprint Announces “International Connect”

Sprint is making calling and texting internationally easier, at least when it comes to billing, by announcing the International Connect plan. For $15 you can use your unlimited minutes to call up to 65 countries and unlimited texts to 180 countries. While there are free alternatives out there, at least you no longer have to pay per minute or text. Head to the official announcement for full details.

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