Review – Limefuel L28N5 Nexus 5 Battery Case


The Limefuel L28N5 is a 2860mAh battery case for the Nexus 5 that effectively doubles your time away from the plug. Everything from the retail packaging to the combination micro-USB/Lighting cable to the battery case itself reflects the quality of what you are getting and helps justify the $80 price tag.

The battery case is well made and fits the Nexus 5 like a glove. Cutouts for the camera and headphone jack are deep but should not interfere with using the phone. Both power and volume buttons are responsive and the clicky feeling is not lost in the case. The finish on the case complements the phone quite well with a rubbery coating over the plastic that feels similar to the Nexus 5’s own finish. As a case, it is sturdy enough to provide basic drop protection that I would say is similar to other hard shell styles.


The size of your Nexus overall doubles carried in the battery case, but that is the trade-off of convenience. The additional weight was not much of an issue and neither this or size made the phone uncomfortable to use. In the week and a half I used the case, I had no problem going two days with the combined 5160mAh of freedom. Which brings me to the only downside – recharging. The phone and case together take quite a while to recharge so this is a task best left for overnight.

The micro-USB port is designed to pass through charging current so you will need to make sure the case is switched off before charging the pair. If left on when both are near drained, the Nexus battery will slowly decline while the case sucks up the available charging current. The end result is your Nexus could power off before the battery case can start charging it again. Leave the case turned off while charging and there is no problem.

Overall, this is a solid case and much more convenient that packing an external battery on the go. I would recommend those in the market for something like this to give it strong consideration.

You can find the L28N5 online for purchase direct from Limefuel.

Image Credits: Android Fan Network, Limefuel

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