Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks – February 23

Here are Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks from the AFN staff for the week of February 23. These may be apps we can’t live without or apps we just discovered. Either way, we think they are worth sharing with you. If there is an app that you think we may enjoy, send us a tip so we can take a look.

Blurone -Blur Effect Wallpaper – Praneeth

As the name indicates Blurone – Blur Effect Wallpaper adds blur effect to the wallpaper of your choice. It includes a beautiful and simple user interface with translucent status bar to match with Android 4.4 KitKat design.

You can create a wallpaper by choosing an image from current home screen or from gallery app on your android device and add blur effect to it. The blur effect can be adjusted using the circle that appears on the screen. Custom blurred images in various sizes can also be created in the same way by selecting an image from gallery app and cropping it.

The newly created wallpaper can be saved, set as home screen wallpaper or be shared to your social media or via Bluetooth just like any other regular image.

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Slider – Sean

Slider is an extreme addictive puzzle game from developer CubeScene. Much like the game Compulsive I reviewed in January, it is very simple in its design and premise. The object is to color in the map on-screen by sliding the color slider around. Be careful, you have a set amount of moves that the level can be achieved in. Points are awarded based on how many, or few, moves it takes you to complete the level.

This game is free and ad free which is nice. Slider is a fun little game and very addicting so check it out and aside some time to play.

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GasBuddy – Gavin

For this week’s app pick I am going with something practical and simple. A lot of people drive, and a lot of people like to save money. If you have a truck like me, your vehicle likes to gulp gas and does not care about your wallet. Therefore, I look for the cheapest gas possible and GasBuddy helps me do that.


As I stated before, it is a simple app. You enter an address or you use your phone’s GPS so GasBuddy can pull up a list for all of the gas stations around you. You then can sort the list by price or distance and even view all of the gas stations on a map. It even lets you select the grade of gas you are looking for if you require a higher octane or even diesel.

For you social butterflies that have to constantly “check in”, GasBuddy has you covered there too. You can create an account so you can submit prices as you see them to help keep the prices that they provide accurate and up to date.

What are you waiting for? Download from the link below, sign in, drive around, and tell me where the cheapest gas is!

Get it on Google Play

Image Credits: Android Fan Network

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