List – CM11 unofficial builds for Nexus, HTC, Samsung and more devices


CyanogenMod team has just announced their plans on CM11 builds based on Android 4.4 KitKat. Though there were no details on availability of the builds in that announcement, unofficial builds popped up for several devices.

Here is the list pointing to CM11 build posts for various devices on XDAdevelopers forum. Keep in mind these are unofficial builds and will have bugs. I would suggest to read the ROM description, instructions and bugs before flashing them to your device.

  • Nexus 5 – here
  • Nexus 4 – here 
  • Nexus 7 2012 WiFi – here 
  • Nexus 7 2012 GSM – here
  • Nexus 10 - here
  • Galaxy Nexus - here
  • Galaxy Nexus Verizon - here
  • Nexus S – here
  • HTC One GSM – here & here
  • HTC One Sprint – here
  • HTC Evo 4G LTE – here
  • Galaxy S4 T-Mobile – here
  • Galaxy S3 AT&T –  here
  • Galaxy S3 T-Mobile –  here
  • Galaxy S3 Verizon – here
  • Galaxy S3 Sprint – here
  • Galaxy S2 T-Mobile - here
  • Galaxy S2 SkyRocket AT&T - here
  • Motorola RAZR HD XT925 – here 
  • LG Optimus L5 – here 
  • LG Optimus L7 – here 

Hit the comments section below this post and let us know if you are aware of CM11 build for any other device and we’d be glad to include.

Update – links for more devices added. Thanks to all who provided links in the comments below.

  • Galaxy S4 International I9505 – here
  • Galaxy S4 International I9500 – here
  • Galaxy S4 AT&T – here
  • Galaxy S4 Sprint – here
  • Galaxy S3 International – here
  • Galaxy S3 I9305 LTE - here
  • Galaxy S2 i9100 – here & here
  • Galaxy S3 AT&T –  here
  • Galaxy Note 2 N7105 – here
  • Galaxy Note 2 N7100 – here
  • Galaxy Note 2 Sprint – here
  • Galaxy Note 2 Verizon – here
  • Galaxy Note 2 AT&T – here
  • Galaxy Note 2 US Cellular – here
  • Galaxy S3 Mini - here
  • Galaxy Note GT -N7000 - here
  • Galaxy Note AT&T - here
  • Galaxy S I9000 – here
  • Galaxy S Plus I9001 – here ( Alpha 2 )
  • Galaxy Exhilarate SGH-I577 - here
  • Galaxy Express AT&T SGH-I437 - here
  • Galaxy W I8150 - here
  • Samsung Infuse 4G – here
  • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G – here
  • Samsung Epic 4G – here
  • Samsung Fascinate - here
  • Samsung Vibrant – here
  • Samsung Captivate – here
  • HTC One Verizon- here
  • HTC One Mini AT&T – here
  • HTC Sensation – here
  • HTC Droid DNA – here
  • HTC One S – here
  • HTC One S (ville C2 ) – here
  • HTC EVO 3D GSM – here
  • HTC Incredible S - here
  • HTC Desire S – here
  • HTC Desire HD – here
  • LG Optimus G Pro International – here
  • LG Optimus G International – here
  • Sony Xperia Z1 – here
  • Sony Xperia Z Ultra – here
  • Sony Xperia SP - here
  • Sony Xperia P - here
  • Sony Xperia U – here
  • Sony Xperia Z – here ( testing phase ) & here
  • Sony Xperia ZL – here
  • Sony Xperia ZR – here
  • Sony Xperia Sola – here 
  • Sony Xperia Go – here
  • Sony Xperia Arc – here
  • Sony Xperia T – here
  • Sony Xperia V – here
  • Huawei Ascend P1 - here
  • Huawei Ideos X5 U8800 Pro – here
  • Motorola Defy and Defy + - here
  • Asus Transformer TF700 - here
  • Galaxy Note 8.0 N5100 – here
  • Galaxy Note 8.0 N5110 – here
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 – here
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 – here
  • Galaxy Tab Plus – here
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7 – here
  • Galaxy Tab 7 – here
  • Sony Xperia Tab Z – here
  • Nook Tablet – here
  • Amazon Kindle Fire – here
  • Motorola Droid 4 – here
  • Motorola Droid Bionic – here
  • Motorola Droid Razr – here
  • Motorola Droid Razr (UMTS) – here
  • Motorola Atrix HD AT&T - here
  • LG G2 D801 T-Mobile – here
  • LG Optimus LTE  SU460/P930 – here
  • Oppo Find 5 – here
  • Xiaomi MI2/2S – here
  • Barnes & Noble Nook HD Plus –  here

CyanogenMod 11 nightly builds (official) are now up for various HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony devices. Check if your device has already got a nightly build here at CyanogedMod’s website.

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  • Leandro

    We need CM11 for Motorola RARZR I!!!!

    Desarrollen para el RAZR I!!!!

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Hope you get it soon :-D

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  • Amer Qubati

    I like to see it in my GT-N5100 NOTE 8.0 as CM not release official rom for this device

  • jf_simon

    Here the link for Motorlola Defy and Defy+

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Thanks for sharing. adding to the list :-)

  • amina

    Galaxy S2 i9100 ???????

  • eustachio

    Bloody Samsung and their Exynos processor (proprietary CPU, hence harder for devs to cater for).

    I won’t be buying another one.

    • Praneeth Kancherla


    • Praneeth Kancherla

      I really wish Samsung gives international users a choice with processor.. exynos/qualcomm.


    Plz release cm11 for i9000

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      List updated. check again

  • Jigar Shinde

    K900 needs some love.

    • Praneeth Kancherla


      • Jigar Shinde

        Yes, Lenovo K900.

        • Praneeth Kancherla

          It looks there is no cm11 based ROM for Lenovo K900 yet

          • Jigar Shinde

            Sad news for all K900 users including me.

  • Atmos

    Please note, the link for Galaxy S4 International is in fact for the GT-9505 edition.

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      thanks. updated

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  • eustachio

    Can’t post the link here, but there’s an unofficial build for the S3 international- i9300. Google for “temasek’s unofficial CM11 build 4.4 xda”.

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      got that

  • frustrated

    i have tried multiple times to flash the rom and always failure. I do have the 2.6.3 version of TWRP i am rooted via the htc method. I have never had a problem flashing a rom in the past and am running on cm10.2. Ideas?

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      what is your device?

  • Praneeth Kancherla

    thanks for sharing the link :-)

  • Praneeth Kancherla

    thanks for sharing

  • Praneeth Kancherla

    Thank you Graham. list updated

  • Praneeth Kancherla

    thanks for the link

  • RheesSnow

    Any news on an update for the Galaxy Tab p1? Noticed a post of G+ with it running Android 4.4 but nothing in terms of ROMs. Thanks.

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      list updated. please check now

  • 神 魔

    What about i9305 galaxy s3 LTE?

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      included that in the list. check again

      • 神 魔

        Thank you

  • Ryan Gibson

    Nook HD plus? And works great on Verizon gs3 have to update recovery cwm seems to work best with 4.4 and twrp is currently having issue with 4.4 installs

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      I think there is no CM11 based ROM for Nook HD/HD + yet

  • Josué Quan

    Any chance for Galaxy Note AT&T SGH-i717?

    • Kalpesh Jain

      I’ve installed this on my ATT SGH-I317 aka gt-n7105 few hours ago. I like it so far, I’m sure it has bugs and lacks few features compared to PA 3.99 RC2…

  • Ashley Mooney

    Verizon S4, pretty please? :)

  • Raymond Stanley

    What about i9500 galaxy s4?? This phone sucks!! It can’t even get a unofficial update!

  • Dylan O’Connor

    So even though we have safe strap now, the s4 active won’t get any cm Roms?


    “Galaxy Note GT -N700″ should be “Galaxy Note GT-N7000″

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Thank you very much. It’s corrected now

  • jon

    There is also unofficial builds for Samsung gs3 cricket

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Would you mind sharing the link ?

  • Paul Perez

    No love for Sprint LG G2

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      It looks there is no Android 4.4 based ROM for LG G2 on Sprint as of now

  • Xavier_NYC

    No love for the D800 (AT&T) G2? I think PA has an unofficial build but I’m a CM fan

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      yep. looks it has only unofficial PA ROM based on Android 4,4 at the moment

  • arrss

    Where is the build for the HTC One X at&t?

  • Praneeth Kancherla

    Thanks for the link. post updated

  • Ryan Gibson

    Any body got cm11 for the nook HD plus yet?

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      I think there is none as of now

  • P. Rich

    Need Samsung Galaxy Note 2 R-950 (US Cellular)

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Check here -

  • Kirn Gill

    Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate (SGH-I577), reporting in:

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Great. Thanks for reporting :-)

  • Joshua Parnell

    CM11 Unofficial for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G t769 available here:

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      List already includes that but thanks for posting :-)

  • Kevin

    Is there cm 11 for i8150 samsung galaxy w?

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Hello Kevin. It looks there are no ROMs based on CM11 for Galaxy W as of now.

  • Santhosh GSK

    There is cm11 for Atrix HD(mb886)..pls update the list

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Thanks Santhosh. List is updated :-)

  • z3non

    CM11 for i9001 (Galaxy S Plus) has reached Alpha2:

    Please keep in mind that Samsung was telling customers, that no upgrade to Android 4.0 would be possible for this device because of hardware limitations!

    Im running CM10.2 (Android 4.3) now on it and I didn’t notice any hardware limitations yet, that prevented me from doing so ;-)

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Thank for the link. list updated

  • 8888

    Hi, Note 2 N7100.

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      List is updated.You may check now.

      • 8888


  • 재홍 나

    I want cm11 for SU640 (LG optimusLTE).

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      List updated. Please check now

  • Praneeth Kancherla

    Thank you Kevin Li :-)

  • 8888

    Hi, I can’t install CM11 on my N7100 I dont No wy, sorry for my Englisch

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      What problem were you facing? Could you post more details? Is the link not redirecting to proper post?

  • Praneeth Kancherla

    Thanks again for Sharing :-)

  • YI LIN

    wtf, cm11 can run on htc one s but not on one x?? omg really fuked.

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      AT&T version of One X (or XL withSnapdragon S4 processor) already has official CM11 ROM. But it looks the international variant do not have any (I think because it features nVidia Tegra 3 processor).

  • Zeco

    i hope you can always support Droid Bionic,and the GPU is no working in sometimes,and in the China,CDMA Data is not working!Thank(^_^)

  • Havardu

    What about the galaxy note 3 (N9005)? How can one possible skip such beastly hardware?

  • gibson

    Add nook HD+ to daaaah list 4.4 and internal recovery are now 100% available I send links to anyone who asks

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Thanks for the update Gibson. Could you please post links here. I will update the list with those links.

      • gibson

        No problem if you have any questions about installs its I Lil tricky feel free to ask

        • Praneeth Kancherla

          Sure.Thanks again for stopping by.

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Never mind. I got the link and the list is updated.

  • jeff

    Hope its ok to ask this here, but why do i see more offered for the samsung fascinate compared to the mesmerize?

    • Praneeth Kancherla

      Isn’t Mesmerize a US Cellular exclusive? I think that is the reason.


    will htc desire s mode work on desire x

  • Anuméy Sharma

    Will CM 11 work Ascend P6… And is there a possibility of it coming on the zenfone line up after they release?… Really hoping for that…

  • akhil

    hey hi .. i had insttalled kitkat rom downloaded from devklins cm11,cm10.2,10.1,9,7.2

    cm 7.2 installed succsefully and using ..

    nw i performed clean install of cm 11 and it said installed succesfully bt not booting up waited for 1 hr …same thing happened with 9,10.1,10.2

    only 7.2 worked .. please help .. tried with almost all recoveries ..

    4ext rc2 , twrp,, cwm latest recovery .. but problem not solved .. .tried installing allways bt not succeded wat to do .. please help me .. ill be greatly thankfull to u .. a