Android 4.2.2 rolls out for HTC One Dual Sim 2




Android 4.2.2 roll out started for Chinese version of HTC One – Dual Sim.  This is a sign that the Android 4.2.2. roll out for the international HTC One should be just around the corner. However it may take some time to arrive on US carrier variants.

Change Log is as follows

- Android 4.2.2
- Improved BlinkFeed
- Stock HTC battery percentage option
- Stock HTC EQS
- Long press home button as menu mappable in Settings
- Support for lock screen widgets
- Improvements to the camera and gallery apps and more

Source :  @LlabTooFeR

  • htowngtr

    Sucks that Developer Edition isn’t treated like the international phones.

  • MoshuXXL

    I hope the update for the international version will come soon. I can’t wait!

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