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So, you’ve been hearing about the yellow screen tint on the OnePlus One eh? If you happen to have one of these phones, haven’t heard about it, or are not affected by this, you should listen up.

Some customers have been reporting that their devices having a yellowish tint to the bottom of their screens. OnePlus states that this is an issue with the glue that was used to adhere the screen to the glass. Okay, fair enough, but then why is OnePlus refusing to RMA any of these devices because of a manufacturers defect? In the event some people have been issued a RMA for their device, they are being asked to pay for the return shipping – which can get pretty expensive.

That is outrageous! Anytime I have ever had a defective device, I have been able to send it in for repair with no issues, aside from the standard trouble shooting that takes place, with a return label pre-paid issued for said return.

This is all being brought to light when one person emailed TK Tech News about their experience. From there it has gone even deeper.

OnePlus has flat out refused to return such devices because they state it does not fall into return policy. I’m sorry, but as a new company trying to make it in this fast paced tech world, you should be bending over backwards to appease people with affected devices. Instead, they have elected to try and sweep it under the rug and even in some cases flat out delete OPO forum users posts on the matter and even ban some.

You can watch the video in which TK Tech News explains in further detail what is going on(NSFW due to some language) and some of the things he has come across in his search for answers. It is worth a view if you are considering purchasing a OnPlus One.

Editor’s Note: Most of these scenarios are simply he said/she said. However, there are an awful lot of these allegations and videos floating around. Hopefully these responses about RMA’s are simply misguided employees, but at this time OnePlus has not stepped forward to even deny or simply address these claims.


Image Credits: one plus, Land of Droid

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