HTC Dot View App Updated to Include Themes

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HTC updated the HTC Dot View app to now include themes and recent calls to the “lock screen.” You are now able to select a background image that is viewable through the cover. HTC also added the ability to swipe left or right to see more than one notification, as well as a redial feature for your last three calls. These are welcome features, as before this update you could only see one notification at a time, and you had to open the case to place a call.

While cases are not for everyone, if you have the HTC One M8, the HTC Dot View case is worth a look. It is far from perfect overall(the biggest flaw is that when folded open the cover tends to act like a spring when you type), but the design and fit are perfect. Add in the fact that it has added functionality of being able see notifications while still closed(and thus still protecting your screen), and the case has a lot going for it. If you are familiar with Active Notifications on the Moto X, the concept is similar. You are able to see notifications at a glance with the HTC Dot View case. However, unlike the Moto X and Active Notifications, there is no interaction with the notifications that acts as a shortcut into the given app.

Head to the Google Play Store to download the update now. Also reach out and share your wallpaper of choice. Are you going the custom picture route or are you going to stick to one of the provided backgrounds?

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