Deal Alert – LG G3 $99 at Best Buy


The LG G3 is the hottest phone out there right now(just like every new phone is at release) and Best Buy is offering a great deal on one right now. If you have Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint and are willing to sign a two year contract, a brand spanking new LG G3 can be yours for $99.

LG G3 Best Buy

If the LG G3 is not you new phone of choice, then Best Buy has another deal for you. If you spend a few minutes and register an upgrade eligible number here, you can get a $50 gift card after you purchase your shiny new phone. This is a promotion that Best Buy has run before, and it is as easy as it sounds. You simply register your number, upgrade, and $50 is yours. When I did this same promotion last year, the rep at Best Buy even let me use the gift card towards the purchase of the phone, but your experience may be different.

Best Buy Upgrade Promo

Either way, you are only spending $99 for the newest phone out there, something that would normally set you back at least double that price. Or you can get a $50 gift card if you are looking at another phone. The upgrade promotion requires that you register before July 12th, so do not delay.

Source: Best Buy LG G3, $50 Gift Card

Image Credits: LG

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