HTC One M8 Now Available on T-Mobile Right for $636

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With no official pre-order or official announcement, the HTC One M8 is now available to purchase at T-Mobile’s website. It is only available in gunmetal grey, but you do get the bonus of it coming with 32GB internal storage instead of 16GB. Full price of the device is $636, or you can pay $26.50 for 24 months.

While I would normally advise to purchase phones outright directly from the manufacturer, I am not sure I can do that for a T-Mobile customer looking for the HTC One M8.

  • If you buy the unlocked or developer edition directly from HTC, it is simply an unbranded AT&T variant of the M8, meaning it is missing AWS bands. This means no 3G unless you are in a re-farmed area. This will be a non-factor sometime in 2015 when T-Mobile completes their upgrade, but if you currently live in an area that has not been upgraded, this is will be important to you. Unless you like Edge data.
  • Then there is the issue of price. Buying straight from HTC is $699, yet T-Mobile is selling the M8 for $636.
  • Bloat. Most of us hate bloat, but T-Mobile adds one necessary app for some of us: Wi-Fi Calling. Either way, there is already a huge developer following, so you can remove what ever bloat you do not want easily.

So if you want to save a few bucks, need full 3G compatibility, or simply want to pay monthly, head on over to the link below or your closest T-Mobile store and pick up your HTC One M8.

Source: T-Mobile

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