Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks – April 6

Here are Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks from the AFN staff for the week of April 6. These may be apps we can’t live without or apps we just discovered. Either way, we think they are worth sharing with you. If there is an app that you think we may enjoy, send us a tip so we can take a look.

Freeway Mutant – Sean

Here we have another game from Butterscotch Shenanigans. I have to start off by this… Darn you Butterscotch Shenanigans!!! I say that because this is yet another game that completely sucks you in and get lost in. Freeway Mutant is another endless runner type game and, in this instance, you’re a mutant that kind of looks like the Battletoads from years past (remember that game)?

Freeway Mutant

The object of Freeway Mutant is simple, run throughout a seemingly endless level of a battle scorned bridge while avoiding various monsters and land mines by sliding your finger left or right to avoid obstacles. Your mutant automatically fires when an enemy is in front of him. Along the way, you will need to collect parts like bolts, monster kidneys, or depleted plutonium barrels to upgrade your weapon. The monsters get stronger as you progress so building a better gun is a must.

Playing on a phone like a Note or something with a similar screen size is possible, but your finger can cover up your guy and make it hard to see where your going. I find it best to play on a tablet sized device. This is just a little advice: don’t focus on the screen. Kind of let your eyes just relax and it’s amazing how well you’ll do. Trying to focus will only make you crash into enemies.

The game is free to download, but as always, there are in-app purchases that can be made such as upgrades to your gun. Any purchase removes ads from the game forever.

Get it on Google Play At Bat – Gavin

Lots of people use apps on their phone to make their lives easier. I use mine to follow events that cause pain in my life and that’s why I picked At Bat for this week.

Team Page

Team Page At Bat keeps me up to date with exactly how bad the Phillies are doing. I can read about it, listen to it happen live, or if I am really hating myself, I can watch it happen live. If I am too busy to watch or am just trying not to be depressed, I can set up notifications to alert me about the game. Notifications are customizable and range from scoring updates every inning or just the final score.

What’s great about the customizable notifications is that I can have a false sense of hope most days. The Phillies can be winning going into the 9th, and when Papelbon blows the save I can get a notification instantly reminding me how much he is overpaid. I mean if the Phillies want to spend $12 million a year on a guy with a bad attitude and who can’t throw, why aren’t they calling me? Seriously, what a waste of money.

Speaking of a waste of money, beginning this year you no longer have to pay to watch games twice. In prior years you would have to pay for the MLB package at home to watch games on TV and then again for if you wanted to watch it on your PC or mobile device. Now you can just subscribe to MLB Extra Innings through your TV provider and that will unlock all video content on the mobile app. Or if you do not want to pay that much only to be let down by your favorite team, packages start at $2.99 monthly for just audio streaming or you can just use the free app for its news and notifications.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Play Store at the link below and have your dreams crushed. Or, if you are a Braves fan, stop reading and crawl back under the rock you came out from, your glory years are over.

Get it on Google Play

Image Credits: Android Fan Network

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