HTC Sense 6 Build Leaked Showing Multiple Gesture Support


Yet another leak about the 2014 HTC One has just surfaced, and it confirms the presence of multiple gestures to wake up the device. The leak is of a Sense 6 build running on the OG HTC One, which was originally posted on Reddit.

Appart from the normal double tap to wake, the new build features the following gestures.

  • Swipe left to wake up device and go to widget panel.
  • Swipe right to wake up device and go to Blink feed.
  • Swipe up to wake up phone and unlock it.
  • Pick up phone and press volume rocker to open the camera app.
  • Take phone to your ear while it rings to pick up the call.

All these features are part of the Motion Launch and seems to be the only new feature worth noting at this point. A flash-able build for HTC One owners is expected in the following weeks.

Source: Reddit

Image Credits: SlashGear

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