The New HTC One Goes Heavy Metal in Most Recent Video

We at Android Fan Network try to stay away from rumors, leaks or anything that could possibly not be true. But…

This official video by HTC is neither rumor or leak. This is HTC saying the New HTC One is going to have an even more kick ass metal build than the OG HTC One. The HTC One and HTC One Max are, without a doubt, one of the sexiest phones available with that unibody metal build and front facing BoomSound speakers. (Other OEM’S! Take a good look at those front facing speakers this year, they are that good.) Holding the first HTC One is a pleasure and your hands tell your brain right away you’re holding a premium device. Then once you power it up, you’re absolutely positive you’re holding a premium device. How HTC is going to top the first one will be a tough, but they’re claiming in the above video, they’ve done just that.

Who’s looking forward to the launch of the new HTC One on March 25th? I sure as Hell know I am. I’m also very curious what the official name for this device will be. The HTC One+, The HTC Two, The New HTC One or HTC Death Metal. They’ve mucked up names of devices in the past and this will be interesting to see the “real” name (besides the M8).

And this is just two things I sincerely hope happen.

Number 1 – Ain’t gonna happen, but I hope the New HTC One kills the Galaxy S5 in sales.

Number 2 – I pray to my God every night HTC makes the next Nexus tablet. Whether it be the Nexus 7 2014, Nexus 8 or the new Nexus 10.


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