Hands on with the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 KitKat Update

Samsung_Galaxy_Note_3 _KitKat Update

Got it!!! I just installed the latest Android 4.4 KitKat firmware update on Sprint today for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The update is available and is 503.61MB in size, and it took me about an hour to download and install. I’ve just finished installing it, and so far it feels like my Note 3 is even faster, and TouchWiz is snappier. It also brings music album art for your lockscreen. There are also some minor UI changes, plus improved stability. Once completed, you’ll be on the latest and greatest from Google and Samsung.


Details of latest Enhancements:


At first glance, there isn’t much of anything immediately noticeable. The lock screen now displays messages received prior to accessing the phone. The battery icon has changed color from Gingerbread green to KitKat gray. Hangouts reverts back to Messaging SMS until you turn on SMS via Hangouts. Then, wait for it… I really noticed that my Note 3 is much faster and seems to navigates more fluidly though my apps as well as Internet browsing. If you liked using your Note 3 before, you’re  going to love it with the new update.

Here are some screen shots taken during the update process:

kitkat-update-rolling-out kitkat-update-rolling-out-2 kitkat-update-rolling-out-3 kitkat-update-rolling-out-4 kitkat-update-rolling-out-5

Check for your update for your Sprint Galaxy Note 3, as it is now available to update.

Image Credits: CNET, Sprint

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