Verizon HTC One Getting KitKat Update Now


The KitKat updates for all kinds of devices from all kinds of carriers are starting to pop up left and right here folks! Big Red is getting in on the fun with one of their flagship devices, the Verizon HTC One. Verizon has been surprising me lately with their timely updates, and I applaud them for that. With the M8 in the foreseeable future, it wouldn’t have surprised me to see feet dragging on Android version updates for the M7 HTC One. However, the HTC One is such an epic device with more than capable specs for these updates, we can only hope they continue.

With this KitKat update, you can expect to see small visual changes to the way BlinkFeed works, as well as redesigns in the Settings, Gallery, and Music apps as well as the lockscreen. You’ll also notice some Verizon specific changes to low light photography and power management adjustments.

If you’re not seeing an update message up in your status bar, I suggest you hit the settings, and mash that system updates button. It’s on its way and will be on your Verizon HTC One any second now.

Let us know in the comments of any other changes you may have noticed that we haven’t mentioned above. Happy KitKat for you loyal Verizon HTC One owners. We all know it’s been a bumpy ride since jump street

Source: Verizon

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