Theme Your Stock Rooted ROM with Xposed Module HK Theme Manager


XDA forum member, hdbk1986, has developed a new Xposed module called HKThemeManager. It allows CM Themes, XThemeEngine themes and HK Themes to be installed on Stock ROMs. With there being so many themes and theme formats out there, this is an easy way to keep them all in one tidy, easy to use interface.

HKThemeManager searches for and shows you all the themes you have installed on your device in one place, and you can apply them from there. It also allows you to choose certain visual elements to theme, and leave everything else as is. You can also choose more than one theme on your device, only overlapping elements you choose from the latest theme applied.

System requirements:
Android 4.0+ with root and Xposed Installer by rovo89 installed.

Xposed Installer’s XDA thread can be found here

HKThemeManager’s XDA thread and download is here.



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