Review – Bear Motion Premium Bumper Ring Case Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Bear Motion Premium Ring Bumper Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a TPU lined plastic frame that extends around three of the four corners with the bottom right corner around the S-Pen opening being just TPU. This makes it pretty easy to get on the phone since the TPU stretches just enough to slide over the corner and snaps back tight once in place.

The front and back of the Note 3 sit down in the frame of the case so you do not need to worry about it contacting a table surface but, being a bumper style case, the back is exposed so avoid setting it down on any surfaces that may be uneven.

In the bottom right of the Bumper Case is a recess in the TPU for the S-Pen. This is a bit of a tight fit and is very difficult to get a thumb in there, but my forefinger has no issues digging it out.

Something else I had not seen before was the volume and power button arrangement. On this Bear Motion Case, the TPU is bonded to the frame, but the button cutouts in the outer shell part were open with TPU button covers “floating” in the opening, which was a neat touch.

Overall, the Bear Motion Premium Ring Bumper Case does not add too much width to the Note 3, but it still provides good edge protection from accidental drops.

You can pick these up in black, white or pink from Pro Ebiz in their Amazon store.

Kevin Krueger

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