PSA: Kingo Root and Vroot Malicious

If you were following a link to try rooting with Kingo root or VRoot stop now and look else where.


Vroot pulls binaries from your PC and computer; the thread on XDA has been closed and links removed until it can be sorted out.

Until this method is verified to be working safely and without malware, I would advise everyone not to use this method. This thread and any other are to be closed on sight. Please report them to the moderation team.

Kingo Root takes it a step further and sends your phone’s IMEI number to a server in China triggering the XDA thread to be also be  closed down.

Bumping this thread to clear some things up:

The tool isn’t allowed on the forums right now, we’re still working out some issues with them. Biggest issue being sending sensitive data unencrypted to their servers in China and grabbing the IMEI with no apparent reason. When that is solved the whole issue will be reassessed.

Thread closed. (for now)

If you find other sources for these root methods please be safe and steer clear of them.

Big thanks to for the alert.

Kevin Krueger

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Self-proclaimed "know-it-none," I prefer HTC hardware with AOSP ROM's. When not writing about technology or shooting YouTube videos, I like to tinker with motorcycles and R/C cars.

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