Latest Android Distribution Stats Released, JellyBean on 54.5 % of Devices

Yesterday Google posted the latest Android platform distribution numbers. As per these statistics, Jelly Bean is now on 54.5% of total active devices running Android. 18.6% of devices are running Ice Cream Sandwich and 24.1% are running Gingerbread. KitKat, now a month after launch, has 1.1% share. This number should rise quickly as more Nexus […]

Jelly Bean Running on 33% of Android Devices

  Yesterday, Google posted the updated data( Data collected during a 14-day period ending on June 3, 2013 ) on Android platform version numbers and percentage of devices running on each version. Jelly Bean is up to 33% now showing steady growth ( 4.1.x on 29% and 4.2.x on 4% ) 58.6 % of devices […]