Latest Android Distribution Stats Released, JellyBean on 54.5 % of Devices

android dec2

Yesterday Google posted the latest Android platform distribution numbers. As per these statistics, Jelly Bean is now on 54.5% of total active devices running Android. 18.6% of devices are running Ice Cream Sandwich and 24.1% are running Gingerbread. KitKat, now a month after launch, has 1.1% share. This number should rise quickly as more Nexus and Google Edition devices started receiving Android 4.4 update and OEMs start updating their flagship Android devices.

These numbers are collected through the Google Play Store application and any device that visits the Play Store in the prior 7 days will be taken into consideration. When it comes to screen configuration, 34.2% of devices sport hdpi screen followed by mdpi, xhdpi, and xxhdpi at 22.9%, 22.3%, and 9.7% respectively.

Source : Android Dashboard

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