Build your own CyanogenMod ROM!

Build your own CyanogenMod ROM If you’re a Cyanogenmod fan and want to learn how to go about building your own ROM, then you may want to take a look at the Cyanogenmod compiler.  From what it looks like this may be the easiest way to compile and build your own CM rom to date…. […]

Cyanogenmod keeping us updated on CM9

The CyanogenMod team today has dropped a little update on the progress of CM9, its custom, Android Open Source Project-based build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The short version is they’re still working on it, but a slew of phones already have early builds. Devices with TI OMAP 4, Qalcomm MSM 8660/7X30 and Samsung […]

Cyanogenmod 7 valpha3 available for the Evo 3d

Even though the boys over on the Cyanogenmod Team (Mostly @toastcfh and @SHIFT) are calling this a valpha, I use it as my daily.  There are a few things that aren’t working with this build, Bluetooth (Car stereo is borked), 4g, Netflix security issues, and a few minor bugs (Bluetooth is working fine for me). […]

Flashaholics app of the year – Boot Manager

Those of you that are flashing maniacs and would love to have five of your favorite roms at your finger tips and access them by a simple reboot of your phone, Boot Manager is your friend. Boot Manager is the first Android Multi-Booter Application! The application installs up to four ROMs to your sdcard and you can […]

CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC4 has arrived

CyanogenMod-7.0.0-RC4 has arrived The next round of RCs have arrived.   From RC2 until now has mainly been bug fixes and its getting near the final state.  In this release, there may still be some lingering GPS issues on the Evo and the N1 call audio bug hasn’t been fully fixed.  But if you were […]